Areas of Expertise

Unlike many professional services firms, we possess a blend of in-depth, hands-on IT operations and business experience. We understand what is necessary, and what is not, in creating a successful IT program for your business. Through our IT expertise, we take a lean approach towards IT strategy, IT general controls monitoring & audit, and cyber-risk applying only the resources necessary to meet your desired IT maturity and achieve your business goals.


Outsourced IT Leadership

Strategic Advisory

IT General Controls & Audit

Cyber-Risk Assurance


Outsourced IT Leadership

Why invest in IT Leadership?

In order to succeed and grow as a small to mid-sized business, you need to streamline your operational effectiveness and efficiency. Although IT operations and IT support are extremely important for keeping your systems up and running, in order to grow, your IT needs to do more than just keep the lights on. A lack of strategic IT direction and ownership is more than just harmful to your operational effectiveness - it may also lead to unnecessary costs and leave your business vulnerable to security breaches. The right IT leadership will work within your business to help you achieve your business goals while optimizing risk and integrating security policies and process for long-term strategic results.

Outsourced IT Leadership

Our Outsourced IT Leadership provides small to medium-sized businesses access to executive technology leadership along with a dedicated IT management team. Through our proprietary IT Directorship™ framework and operating model, we create operational efficiency, optimize risk, and maximize return on IT investment across your entire business. Our integrated team of business and technology specialists take ownership of IT for your company, working together to lead, govern, and manage a successful IT strategy. We implement and mature IT process, controls and governance throughout your operations to improve IT performance and ensure alignment to your business goals.


Outsourced IT Leadership includes:

Strategic Business Alignment

Executive Steering & Reporting

IT Risk Register

IT Project Portfolio

IT Budget Management

IT Security Policy & Process

Vendor & Contract Management

Site Operations Management



Strategic Advisory

We understand your business concerns

  • The need for IT strategy and oversight so you can gain control over your IT and optimize operational efficiency

  • The importance of data security and effectively managing risk for your business and for stakeholders

  • Assurance that your technology investments and core assets are positioned and aligned for growth

Service overview & benefits

Our strategic advisors align your business objectives with the capabilities of IT and unlock the potential of IT for your business. We support our clients through maturing their overall IT program, gaining transparency into their IT performance, and ensuring appropriate management of third party vendors and costs. 

Key business stakeholders, including board members, want representation to protect what’s most important. Our board advisory services deliver strategic business results while addressing concerns such as data availability, disaster recovery planning, business continuity, reputational risk, and regulatory and compliance issues.


Our Strategic Advisory Services Include: 

Project Consulting

IT Transformation


Board Advisory

IT Assessments

IT Management Support



IT General Controls (ITGC) & Audit

Why invest in IT General Controls?

  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT within your business and ensure it operates as intended

  • To protect data integrity and ensure its reliability

  • To reduce the extent of testing and reliance on manual, transaction-level controls

  • To ensure your business is in compliance with applicable laws & regulations (SOX/C-SOX)

Program Overview & benefits

IT Directorship bridges an in-depth understanding of IT operations with financial controls to deliver a lean IT General Controls (ITGC) Program that maximizes value for your business. Our program provides continued assurance into the integrity of your financial information, business processes, and technology systems allowing your business to adhere well within your intended levels of performance, effectiveness, and compliance. Through our ITGC Program, we transform your IT compliance function to create a competitive advantage for your business by reducing the overall cost of compliance, enabling improved decision-making, and freeing up existing resources for strategic initiatives.


Our ITGC Program Includes:

  • Data Management

    Data management & retention controls include procedures used to support information integrity, including the completeness, accuracy, authorization and existence of data. These controls are designed to support initiating, recording, processing and reporting of financial information.

  • Network Operations

    Network operations controls seek to identify and manage risks associated with third party service providers and network operations to ensure adequate levels of operational service are achieved and to minimize the risk of business downtime.

  • Application Controls

    Application controls ensure input data is accurate, complete, authorized and correct in your key business systems. Key controls include the definition and validation of the segregation of duties, processing data within an appropriate time period, and ensuring data outputs are accurate and complete.

  • Change Management

    Effective change management processes are crucial to maintianing the integrity of a company's systems and directly impacts the integrity of financial reporting and service operations. Change management includes the documentation and logging of a changes, the appropriate approval, adequate testing as well as management oversight and review.

  • Information Security

    Information security includes controls that prevent innapropriate access and use across all layers of information systems, operating systems, databases and applications. These controls typically support authorization, authentication, nonrepudiation, data classification, and security monitoring.



Cyber-Risk Assurance

Why invest in cybersecurity measures?

Today's cyber threats are pervasive and can be detrimental to a business's finances and reputation. Cyber incidents can result in operational downtime, lost or corrupt databases and even extortion or fraud. With constantly evolving cyber threats, businesses must take steps to identify and manage their risk, protecting both the business and it's stakeholders.

Program Overview & benefits

Our Cyber-Risk Program reduces the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack and minimizes the impact of a cyber-breach on your business. Utilizing industry-proven processes and a sophisticated incident response protocol, in combination with our cyber expertise, we actively manage, monitor, and respond to cyber-risks for your business. Our experts leverage leading security tools, techniques and process methodologies to identify points of vulnerability threatening the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of your business’s crown jewel assets. By establishing an enterprise-wide cyber-risk program, including ongoing reporting and review of cyber threats and risk metrics, we help organizations take a practical approach to safeguarding their business and their employees from cyber crime.


Our Cyber-Risk Program Includes:

  • Cybersecurity Governance

    We develop a plan and give you experienced cyber-risk leadership to govern it's successful implementation and ongoing refinement.

  • Cyber-Risk Assessment

    Our lean, cyber-risk assessment is designed to improve your risk posture against real-world threats. Aligned with best practice frameworks, the cyber-risk assessment identifies your crown-jewel assets and provides an actionable roadmap to minimize cyber-risk for your business.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Based on vulnerabilities determined through internal and external vulnerability scanning, we continuously validate software security and patching effectiveness to ensure your crown jewel assets are appropriately protected.

  • Cyber Awareness Training & Testing

    Our cyber-bright awareness training provides meaningful and relevant insights that familiarizes employees to their role in identifying, nullifying or mitigating cyber-risks and protecting your overall business.

  • Incident Response Planning

    We develop, implement, and test cyber incident response plans to guide your business response and minimize the impact of a cyber attack or security breach. We carry the skills and resources to act as your cyber incident response team, readily accessible when you need us most.