Industry-Specific Knowledge

Our clients know their businesses better than anyone, but they come to us because we know how to unlock the value of information, regardless of complexity, disparity or incompleteness. At IT Directorship, we have broad-based technology skills and knowledge combined with industry and region-specific experience enabling us to transform IT for businesses across virtually any sector.


Professional Services

As a professional services firm, your intellectual property is one of your greatest assets. From protecting your core data, to collaborating within your disparate workforce, your IT performance directly impacts your business success.

At IT Directorship, we combine business acumen with IT operations expertise to improve the IT posture of financial firms, accounting firms and law firms. We understand the importance of staff utilization and work to maximize your billability.


Hotels & Hospitality

Whether your hotel has two locations or two hundred, the emphasis on total customer satisfaction never changes. With today's greater competition and increasing customer expectations, having the right technology and security infrastructure is crucial to delivering an exceptional experience.

IT Directorship oversees the IT strategy of some of Canada’s leading hospitality groups. Through our IT management, your company can become increasingly competitive, focus on growing sales, and exceed customer expectations.


Mining & Resources

The ability to connect, analyze, and collaborate on information from your global operations in a secure and streamlined manner is challenging, but it has become a necessity for resource-based companies - not only to make better business decisions, but also to achieve operational excellence.

With IT Directorship’s vast mining and resource experience, we can assess your business in line with industry-specific IT benchmarks, working within your corporate office and site operations to achieve optimal IT performance.


Construction & Development

Ensuring construction and commercial development projects are delivered on time and on budget is a necessity. Effective governance over your technology project portfolio will ensure that deadlines are met and costs are minimized.

IT Directorship manages your projects from the design phase through completion of new buildings. With our IT leadership, you can improve your technology innovation and control technology costs across all of your key initiatives.




Since 2010, our business has grown from a $500 million market cap company to over $1.3 billion and IT Directorship has implemented the IT systems and controls to facilitate and safeguard that growth. I would be happy to recommend The Directorship to any company looking for superior IT leadership.

Bottom line is we didn’t have to think about IT because IT Directorship was on the job and that allowed us to focus on our core business objective to build a mining company.

IT Directorship transformed our IT services through improving process, technology, controls, and culture changes. Their framework has scaled as our business has expanded and retracted. They are a trusted partner and valued member of our team.

IT Directorship is extremely knowledgeable around all aspects of our business whether it be connectivity at remote sites, ERP systems, troubleshooting issues or ensuring a strong IT control environment. They have gone above and beyond their level of responsibility to ensure we receive first rate service at reasonable rates.

IT Directorship is an integral part of the IT function for our company. They have an excellent understanding of the issues we face and have brought practical and valuable solutions while keeping in mind the budget set out for the IT function. I could not be happier that IT Directorship is by our side as we progress.